The paint colors seem to match the summer light on the Cape, which is beautiful. Did you introduce any new colors here? We wanted to resurrect Bunny's old paint colors — that sort of blue-gray, almost like an English sky on a good day. She loved strié, which is the paint technique when you take the paintbrush and drag it from top to bottom to form lines. How did you get that very airy feeling in the living room? One of my favorite films of all time is The Great Gatsby — particularly that scene out by the pool with the billowing curtains. So we made those sheers with one of my Scalamandré fabrics. It has a little bit of raffia in it, but it's sheer. You open the doors to the porch, and the wind comes in, and everything is billowing around. It's magical.I believe that when you buy a house, you have to respect its past, and we wanted to show that we could totally respect the previous owners. For example, Bunny always had a tiny table in the window for her and Paul. So we have a small table by a window in the dining room. All the painted floors are original, and they are ravishing, especially in the hallway, which we kept intact. And we left the kitchen practically untouched.